Leixir Dental Group has proudly served BC dentists for over 60 years. We understand that knowing what to expect from your dental lab and when to expect it is an important part of providing exceptional service to your patients. Here are our standard production times.

Full Gold Crowns, Inlays and On lays 7 days Framework Only 4 days
Porcelain fused to Metal Crown 7 days Framework with Teeth Set-up 6 days
Gold Bridge Work 7 days Framework with Acrylic work (Complete) 6 days
Porcelain fused to Metal Bridge Precision Attachments without Abutments 8 days
3 units 7 days min
4 or more units 10 days min ORTHODONTICS
Empress and Targis 7 days Ortho Study Models 5 days
Procera AIiCeram Crowns 10 days CRA’s and ARAs and Therm-o-flex 5 days
Precision Attachement and Milling 10 days min Functional Appliances 5 days
Veneers (Standard) 7 days Fixed and Removable Appliances 4 days
Veneers (LVI) including diagnostic wax-up 10 days Active Plates and Splints 4 days
 FULL AND PARTIAL DENTURES (including Dental D and Valplast) IMPLANTS
 Trays and Bite Blocks 3 days Order parts 2 days
 Set-up Try-in 4 days Bite Blocks a nd Trays 3 days
 Process and Finish 4 days Try-in, Crown and Bridge Preliminary Try-in 4 days
 Relines and Repairs 1 -2 days Try-in on Base 5 days
Bar 5 days
Finish Denture from Base 4 days
Framework 6 6 days

*effective on 2012

Download PDF – Production Times