SNR.X Anti-Snoring Device

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SNR.X is an oral device for the upper and lower jaws. It reduces snoring and sleep apnea painlessly without surgery.  It features a fastener that is the first of its kind to be patented in Korea. This fastener stabilizes the lower jaw and improves air flow over the teeth. Snoring decreases as a result of the sound air flow. The titanium and orthodontic resin used to produce the SNR.X is harmless to the human body. The Mandible Advancement Record (MAR) that measures lower jaw protrusion is easy to use and unique to this system.  Only two clinic visits are needed to manufacture the SNR.X device. When using the device the patient can freely move his mouth from side to side even when sleeping. Snoring is prevented as soon as the patient puts on SNR.X. Other effects of SNR.X include reduction of fatigue and stress, prevention of cardiovascular disease, prevention of dry mouth and relieves the pain arising from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This devise is proven to improve the quality of sleep and life. If there are any questions regarding this device or any other services please Anil at Leixir Dental Group.


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